Legal terms and conditions

These terms and conditions sets out the basis on which the Company agrees to provide its services subject to applicable regulations.


The term "The Company" shall denote SmartGoldenFx; an Online Binary Options Trading Company, as these are defined throughout this Agreement, through its electronic system over the Internet (hereafter the "Trading Platforms").

These Terms and Conditions may be supplemented from time to time by Supplementary Terms and Conditions applicable to a particular Company or products.

The financial trading services contained within this site are only suitable for Clients who are able to bear the loss of all the money they invest and who understand and have experience of the risks involved in the acquisition of financial contracts. International currency, stock index or commodity prices are highly volatile and very difficult to predict. Due to such volatility, plus the bias in the pricing system favouring the website (as described in more detail below), no financial contract purchased in our system (whether or not the payout exceeds the premium amount) can be considered a safe contract. The maximum loss that may be incurred by any Client is the amount of money paid by oneself to the Company. The Company reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse and/or cancel services, charge deposit and/or withdrawal fees to anyone for any reasons including, but not limited to:

  • any instance where the Company may be approached or contacted by legal authorities or regulators from that person's country or state;
  • any instance where the Company believes that person's activities at this site may be illegal in that person's country or state;
  • any restriction to its Clients from purchasing any contracts during certain hours.
  • any instance where the Company may suffer any pecuniary, fiscal or regulatory disadvantage by virtue of that person's activities at this site;

  • Language and Communication

    The primary communication language of this platform shall be in English. You may communicate with us by email, or other electronic means that is (will be) available on the platform and you will receive documents and other information from us in English. However, we will endeavor to communicate with you in other languages where appropriate.

    The Company monitors your communications to evaluate the quality of service you receive, your compliance with this Terms and Conditions, the security of the platform, or for other reasons. You agree that such monitoring activities will not entitle you to any cause of action or other right with respect to the manner in which the Company monitors your communications.

  • Client Eligibility

    Services are available and reserved only for individuals or legal entities that have established a legally binding contract under the laws applicable in their country of residence. The above being stated, our services are not available to persons/individuals under the age of 18 or otherwise under legal age ("Minors"). To this end, you may not use our services and we disclaim any liability for unauthorized use by Minors in any way.

    Without limiting the above-mentioned provisions, our Services are not available in areas where their use is illegal and the Company reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel access to its Services to anyone at its sole convenience. For avoidance of doubt, the ability to access our website does not necessarily mean that our services, and/or your activities through it, are legal under the laws, regulations or directives relevant to your country of residency.

  • Definition of terms

    "Account" - means the personal trading account the Client maintains with the Company and designated with a particular account number.
    "Access Credentials" - means the username and password given by the Company to the Client for accessing the Company’s platform.
    "Agreement" - means these Terms and Conditions for the Services offered by the Company.
    "Balance" - means the sum held on behalf of the Client on its Client Account within any period of time.
    "Business Day" - means a day which is not a Saturday or a Sunday or a public holiday or any other holiday to be announced by the Company on its platform.
    "Company's Website/Platform" - means exclusively the following website
    "Execution" - means the execution of clients’ orders on the Company’s trading platform, where the Company acts as an Agent to Clients’ transactions.
    "Financial Market" - means international financial markets in which financial instruments exchange rates are determined in multi-party trade.
    "Financial Instruments" - means any of the financial instruments offered by the Company and which are defined as such under applicable Law or Regulation. According to the Company’s license these are:

    1. Transferable Securities
    2. Units in collective investment undertakings
    3. Money Market instruments
    4. Options, futures, swaps, forward rate agreements and any other derivative contracts relating to securities, currencies, interest rates or yields, or other derivatives instruments, financial indices or financial measures which may be settled physically or in cash.
    5. Options, futures, swaps, forward rate agreements and any other derivative contracts relating to commodities that must be settled in cash or may be settled in cash at the option of one of the parties (otherwise than by reason of a default or other termination event).
    6. Options, futures, swaps, and any other derivative contract relating to commodities that can be physically settled provided that they are traded on a regulated market or/and an MTF.
    7. Options, futures, swaps, forwards and any other derivative contracts relating to commodities, that can be physically settled not otherwise mentioned in point (vi) above and not being for commercial purposes, which have the characteristics of other derivative financial instruments, having regard to whether, inter alia, they are cleared and settled through recognised clearing houses or are subject to regular margin calls.
    8. Derivative instruments for the transfer of credit risk.
    9. Financial contracts for differences.

    "Order" - means the request / instruction given by the Client to the Company to Open or Close a Position in the Client’s Account.
    "Services" - means the investment and ancillary services which will be provided by the Company to the clients and are governed by this Agreement as is described here.
    "Transaction" - means any type of transaction subject to this Agreement effected in the Client’s trading account(s) including but not limited to Deposit, Withdrawal, Open Trades, Closed Trades and any other transaction of any financial instrument.

  • Guarantees on Behalf of the Client

    You state, confirm and guarantee that any funds handed to the Company for trading purposes, belong exclusively to you and are free of any lien, charge, pledge or any other burden. Further, whatever funds handed over to the Company by you are not in any manner whatsoever directly or indirectly proceeds of any illegal act or omission or product of any criminal activity.

    You act for yourself and not as a representative or a trustee of any third person, unless you have produced, to the satisfaction of the Company, a document and/or powers of attorney enabling you to act as representative and/or trustee of any third person.

    You agree and understand that in the event that the Company has such proofs that are adequate to indicate that certain amounts, as classified above, received by you are proceeds from illegal acts or products of any criminal activity and/or belonging to a third party, the Company reserves the right to refund these amounts to the sender, either this being you or a beneficial owner of a legal entity. Furthermore, you also agree and understand that the Company may reverse any Transactions performed in your Trading Account and may terminate this agreement. The Company reserves the right to take any legal action against you to cover and indemnify itself upon such an event and may claim any damages caused to the Company by you as a result of such an event.

    You declare that you are over 18 (eighteen) years old, in case of regular person, or that you have full legal capacity, in case of legal person, to enter into this Agreement.

    You understand and accept that all transactions in relation to trade in any of the Financial Instruments, will be performed only through the Trading Platforms provided by the Company and the Financial Instruments are not transferable to any other Trading Platform whatsoever.

    You guarantee the authenticity and validity of any document handed over by the Client to the Company. You understand and accept that the Company is unable to provide you with any legal advice or assurances in respect of your use of the Services and the Company makes no representations whatsoever as to the legality of the Services in your jurisdiction.

  • Fraud and Money Laundering

    No person shall abuse this site for the purpose of money laundering. The Company employs best-practice anti-money laundering procedures. All transactions are checked to prevent money laundering which may have several effects on Clients. The Company reserves the right to refuse to do business with, to discontinue to do business with, and to reverse the transactions of, Clients who do not accept or adhere to these anti-money laundering processes. Acceptable funds should not originate from criminal activity. The Company is bound to report suspicious transactions to relevant authorities.

  • Company’s rights regarding the operation of your account

    The Company reserves the right to suspend the operation of this site or sections thereof under the following circumstances:

    1. when, as a result of political, economic, military or monetary events (including unusual market volatility or illiquidity) or any circumstances outside the control, responsibility and power of the Company, the continued operation of this site or the System shall not be reasonably practicable without materially and adversely affecting and prejudicing your interests or the Company, or if, in the sole discretion of the Company, a price cannot be calculated for financial betting contracts; or
    2. when the Company has reason to suspect that the System was abused by you or that you have used some means in order to affect or manipulate the System in general or the price of a specific Contract in particular.
    3. Under such circumstances, other than in the case of abuse or manipulation of the System, the Company may at its sole discretion (with or without notice) close out your open financial betting contracts at prices it considers fair and reasonable at such a time and no claims may be entertained against the Company in connection thereto.
    4. when there is a breakdown in the means of communication normally employed in determining the price or value of any of the financial betting contracts or where the price or value of any of the financial betting contracts cannot be promptly or accurately ascertained;

    In case of abuse or manipulation of the System, the Company may at its sole discretion take any measures it deems fit and appropriate under the said circumstances.

  • Electronic Trading (e-Trading)

    The Company will provide you with Access Codes for gaining online access to the Company’swebsite and/or trading platforms, thereby being able toplace orders for any Financial Instrument available from the Company and entering into Transactions with the Company. Further, you will be able to trade on the Company’s Trading Platforms with and through the Company with the use of a personal computer, smartphone or any other similardevice that is connected to the internet. In this respect, you understand that the Company can, at its absolute discretion, terminate your access to the Company’s systems in order to protect both the Company’s and your interests and to ensure the systems’ effectiveness and efficiency.

    You agree that you will keep theAccess Codes in a safe place chosen in your discretion and will not reveal them to any otherperson. You will not proceed and avoid proceeding in any action that could probably allow the irregular or unauthorized access or use of the Trading Platforms.

    You agree not to attempt to abuse the Trading Platforms in an attempt to make illegal profits or to attempt to profit bytaking advantage of the server latency, or applying practices such as price manipulation, lag trading, time manipulation.

    You are responsible for all acts or omissions that occur within the Website through the use of your registration information. If you believe that someone has used or is using your registration information, user name or password to access any Service without your authorization, you should notifythe Company immediately. You must make every effort possible to keep the Access Codes secret and known only to you and you will be liable of any Orders received by the Company through your trading Account under your Access Codes. Further, any Orders received by the Company will be considered as received from you. In cases where a third person is assigned as an authorized representative to acton behalf of you, you will be responsible for all Orders given through and under the representative’s Account Password.

    You are responsible to monitor your Account and to notify the Company immediately if it comes to your attention that your Access Codes are lost or being used by an unauthorized third party. Also, you agree to immediately notify the Company should you become aware of any failure by you to receive a message indicating the reception and/or execution of an Order.

    You acknowledge that the Company may choose not to take action based on Orders transmitted to the Company using electronic means other than those Orders transmitted to the Company using the predetermined electronic means such as the Trading Platform, and the Company shall have no liability towards the Client for failing to take action based on such Orders.

  • Collateral

    In order to be able to start using the System to execute Transactions, you shall be required to transfer moneys to an account designated by the Company, to be used as collateral for the Transactions described herein.

    1. Any profits accruing from your Transactions shall be added to your account as a supplementary collateral. All losses resulting your Transaction shall be deducted from your account.
    2. The Company shall have all rights and authority with respect to the Collateral until its withdrawal by you.
    3. To remove any doubts, your credit balance shall bear no interest.
  • Withdrawal, Additional Deposits, Closure of Account

    Any withdrawal of the available Collateral, whether partial or total, including any accrued profits (but not future profits) – shall be executed by you in writing, with a prior notice to the Company of at least seven business days.

    You may transfer to your account, at any time, additional funds to be used as Collateral for Transactions. All terms of this Agreement shall apply to any additional funds so deposited.

  • Costs and Charges

    You shall pay our charges as agreed with you from time to time, any fees or other charges imposed by a clearing organization and interest on any amount due to us at the rates then charged by us. Any alteration to charges will be notified to you before the time of the change.

    The exact fee will be based on the currency denomination of the Client Account. Relevant fees and charges are as such;

    1. Payout Clearance (Check out): Fees for trading on the Company’s platform are subjected to a clearance fee which varies in accordance with the investment payout; typically ranging between 0.05 - 0.95% (with a minimum of 1.50 and maximum of 5.00 per trade).
    2. Maintenance Fee (Check out): The Company shall charge for managing and maintaining the Client’s Account a monthly Maintenance Fee of 7.50. This fee will be deducted on the first day of the month. In the event the Client begins trading after the 1st day of the month they will be prorated for the remaining fees, in accordance with how many days remain in the month.

    In case of any value added tax or any other tax obligations that arise in relation to a transaction performed on behalf of you or any other action performed under this agreement for you, the amount incurred is fully payable by you and in this respect you must pay the Company immediately when so requested and the Company is fully entitled to debit the account of you with the outstanding amount to be settled (excluding taxes payable by the Company in relation to Company’s income or profits).

  • Risks and Liability

    It shall be noted that the due to market conditions and fluctuations, the value of Financial Instruments may increase or decrease, or may even be reduced to zero. Regardless of the information the Company may provide to you, you agree and acknowledges the possibility of these cases occurring.

    You are aware and acknowledge that there is a great risk of incurring losses and damages as a result of the investment activity (purchase and/or sale of Financial Instruments) through the Company and the Company’s Trading Platform and accepts that you are willing to undertake this risk upon entering into this business relationship.

    The maximum loss that may be incurred by any customer is the amount of money paid by them to the Company including rolling fees for day trade deals.

    Each financial contract purchased by a customer via the Company’s website is an individual Agreement made between that customer and the Company, and is not transferable, negotiable or assignable to or with any third party.

  • Client's Information Confidentiality

    The Company will never disclose any private or otherwise confidential information in regards to our clients and former clients to third parties without the express, written consent of our clients, except in such specific cases in which disclosure is a requirement under law, or is otherwise necessary in order to perform verification analysis on the client’s identity for the purposes of safeguarding their account and securing their personal information.

    The Company will handle all of your personal data according to the relevant Laws and Regulations for the protection of Personal Data.
    By accepting this Agreement, you consent that you have read and accepted the terms of the "PRIVACY POLICY" that the Company has adopted as this policy is mentioned in detail in the Company’s main website public and available to all Clients.

    The Company reserves the right to specify any other way of communication with you.